2020 Prices

2020 Prices

Reboca is pleased to announce the presentation of the new REPOLEN 2020 Pricesin which you will find the novelties in our wide range of PPR and PE-100 pipes and fittings. The continuous updating of our REPOLEN products together with research, development and innovation, allows us to develop the piping system Repolen System is suitable for building projects, industry, hospital, hotel and large surfaces.

With the aim of minimizing on-site deadlines, skilled labour costs and manufacturing defects or failures, at REBOCA, we promote the production, according to technical requirements and current regulations, of segmented manifolds, batteries and accessories. You will find all the information about new prices in the novelties list.

Since Reboca was founded in 1981, sustainability has been and is one of the key pillars in the company, so thanks to the design characteristics of REPOLEN´s products and their recyclability during production, we reduce consumption, time and waste during the production of our products, establishing circular economy as our business model.

At Reboca we are aware that the BIM methodology allows for the integral management of construction projects, in all the different phases and allows designers, builders and other agents involved in the construction of projects to work efficiently and together. That is why Reboca offers you more than 1000 references of the new prices for REPOLEN PP-R and PE-100 Systems.

2020 Priceswill come into effect on 15th June 2020. Any questions or queries you may have, please contact us here and we will advise you on what you need.

We work continuously to add experience, knowledge and technology in the 4.0 ​​Industry area. Thank you for your trust.

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