2020 Prices

Reboca is pleased to announce the presentation of the new REPOLEN 2020 Pricesin which you will find the novelties in our wide range of PPR

Why choose PPR pipes?

The suitability of the raw material, facets and dimensional characteristics of the finished products, the resistance to thermo-oxidation and the absence of residual stresses, as

Certification ISO 14001

Reboca was founded with the recycling of plastic materials as its main activity. We have always tried to reduce our impact on the environment and

Technical advice

Maritza Muñoz, head of our Technical Department, gave a talk to the engineers of PECOMARK Silla and its exports delegation. We have discussed the energy

Repolen System

Last week, our commercial representative Fernando Rivas was at the Metalux facilities manning the stand presenting the PP-R socket system products such as parts and

Video tutorials

You have information about PE and PPR pipes and accessories on the Reboca YouTube channel . Video tutorials with step-by-step explanations on installations, welding joints,

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