General certificates

The main goal of REBOCA S.L. is to guarantee the highest quality of its products and services so that our customers get complete satisfaction. One way to ensure this satisfaction is to obtain a company and product guarantee certificate issued by an external, reliable and globally recognized organization, such as AENOR.

AENOR monitors our products, with periodic inspections both in plant and in the market, issueing the corresponding certificates that guarantee compliance with the established specifications.

These certificates guarantee customers that products have been manufactured with the highest quality materials, using appropriate processes and with the pertinent controls during manufacturing and at the end of it, to prevent the release of defective products or with a lower quality than guaranteed.

One of Reboca S.L.main concerns has been and is to offer our customers the highest quality products, that is why we have developed and implemented a Quality System that enables us to offer our customers the highest guarantees.

Company certificates

Product Certificates

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Nos complace anunciarles la presentación de la nueva tarifa Repolen 2021 que entrará en vigor a partir del próximo 5 de abril de 2021  con todas las novedades de las tuberías Repolen System. 

En los siguientes enlaces puedes descargar la tarifa o solicitar que le enviemos esta tarifa con los precios actualizados.