PPR Repolen

Socket system of pipes and accessories for the installation of sanitary water networks, heating, air conditioning, chilled water, shipbuilding, chemical industry and pressurized fluids. These products are made with two types of polymers:

  • Polypropylene Random Copolymer (PP-R): one of the first plastic materials used in heating installations, thanks to its properties of resistance to pressure
  • Random Copolymer Polypropylene with Controlled Crystallization (PP-RCT): evolution of PP-R, which through slight modifications in its synthesis allows better performance at higher temperatures than its predecessor.

PP-R is presented in monolayer tubes (REPOLEN PP-R), and in multilayer tubes (REPOLEN FASER), which has an internal layer of PP-R with fiberglass, to improve its performane to temperature variations .
P-RCT is only available in multilayer tubes (REPOLEN FASER RP and REPOLEN FASER RP UV).

PPR pipes

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Nos complace anunciarles la presentación de la nueva tarifa Repolen 2021 que entrará en vigor a partir del próximo 5 de abril de 2021  con todas las novedades de las tuberías Repolen System. 

En los siguientes enlaces puedes descargar la tarifa o solicitar que le enviemos esta tarifa con los precios actualizados.